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On Thursday 25th of March North Hamilton Primary School completed their biennial True North Adventure Challenge. Kids scampered through muddy pits, slid their way through soapy slopes, climbed over and under different obstacles of all shapes and sizes. The students had 30 minutes to complete as many laps of their specially designed obstacle course. The afternoon was designed reinforce to True North values (respect, responsibility, empathy, cooperation and integrity,) get the school community together and most importantly, have FUN!     Who was involved? The course was primarily organised by the North Hamilton primary school staff. The True North Adventure Challenge also received assistance and donations from the local fire brigade, school families and Monivae and Baimbridge College students. The course was made up from donations and included fire hoses squirting water, hay bales, blow up slides, soapy tarps, Gelli Baff, sprinklers and muddy pools. Although, the event was a huge success, COVID-19 restrictions meant parents and other family members weren’t able to participate as they’d normally done in the past. This event was not a fundraiser, however, an obstacle course such as this, is a great idea for a healthy fundraiser.   What is an Active/ Healthy Fundraiser? A active or healthy fundraiser aims to encourage kids to get up and be active or make healthier lifestyle choices, whether that be making healthier eating choices, exercising or taking mindful moments to improve their overall health and well-being. Did you know that kids are recommended to get a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day? Completing an active fundraiser, like the True North Challenge is a great way to raise money, to get kids physically active, be social and teach them healthy and sustainable habits!   If your school is interested in completing a similar event or you would like more information/ support please get in touch with Sheridan at [email protected]

Creating a healthier and happier community, Greta, a local GP prescribes Hamilton Parkrun to patients.   Dr Greta, also known as the ‘Wholistic GP’ is a strong believer of maintaining and promoting health and wellbeing to treat illness. Her mission is to engage, educate and inspire the people of the Western District to thrive by delivering conventional and integrative healthcare with lifestyle medicine. Greta has been a member of Parkrun for many years and is now a Run Director along-side her family members and other local volunteers. Greta says the best thing about Parkrun is the social connection, inclusivity and feeling part of the local community… getting fitter is just a bonus.     Hamilton Parkrun is a not for profit organisation bringing the community together. It’s a weekly free timed 5km run, jog or walk around Lake Hamilton. It’s the perfect opportunity to get fit, make friends and be a part of an uplifting and enthusiastic community. Hamilton Parkrun was established in 2010 and has now completed 247 events with 15,010 individual finishes overall. Although the COVID-19 pandemic put a hold on parkrun, the community banded together and completed virtual events. All participants were given the opportunity to run individually and upload their run times, allowing everyone to stay motivated and accountable. Whether you walk, jog or run there are many health benefits associated physical activity including: strengthening muscles, improving your heart’s health, maintaining a healthy weight, building strong bones and improving your overall mental health. The benefits of social connections and good mental health are numerous. Proven links include lower rates of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and more trusting and cooperative relationships. SO, the question is: Are you looking to improve your fitness levels, overall health, wellbeing and make friends along the way? Well, the good news is, Hamilton Parkrun runs EVERY Saturday at 8.00am at Lake Hamilton, Rippon Road, Hamilton.   For more information head to: or Facebook: @hamiltonparkrun                                                                         

Consuming enough healthy food during the school day, or any day, is SO important for children! A healthy lunchbox will fuel children with enough energy to learn and play to their full potential. It’s not an easy feat to pack a healthful lunchbox every single day that won’t come home again, here are some strategies and resources here to help you increase that likelihood! Nutrition Australia’s Pick & Mix 1-6 poster (downloadable here) provides a range of ideas to create healthy school lunchboxes. The idea is to Pick and mix one option from each of the five core food groups to build a healthy lunchbox every day: Fruit  Vegetables, legumes and beans Milk, yoghurt, cheese and alternatives Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, and legumes/beans Grain (cereal) foods Plain water We love this resource so much that we’ve created a lunchbox planner to match it. Get organised and print the Pick & mix poster, as well as a few copies of the planner and make it a Sunday afternoon activity to sit down with your child and plan their boxes for the week. Kids are much more likely to eat the contents when they’ve had a say what they are! Why not use this to plan the weekly lunches of parents also? Remember, setting positive examples is important. In your planning, consider utilising the great healthy recipes our regions very own Western District Health Service have published in partnership with the Healthy Eating Advisory Service. They are all ‘Green’ according to the governments Healthy Choices Guidelines meaning they are foods you should be eating every day. The way these recipes are written makes it easy to adjust the quantity according to the number of mouths you wish to feed or serves you’d like to prep for the week. There are over 150 FREE ‘Green’ recipes included in the booklet you can download HERE Just a few of the super lunchbox friendly recipes included are; Fruit salad Chicken meatballs Chicken & cherry tomato mini quiches Zucchini & carrot/corn fritters Falafel Banana & blueberry muffins Sweet potato chocolate muffins Check them out! We’d love to see your family using this planner! Snap a pic of your planner filled out and ready to go and be sure to tag @genr8change on Facebook and/or Instagram. Happy lunching!   If you have any issues accessing or printing the above graphics, reach out at [email protected] or direct message the GenR8 Change Facebook Page.