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Approximately 35 community members gathered in the The Hub Hamilton early on Tuesday morning to learn about and celebrate changes organisations, schools, sporting clubs and workplaces have made so that healthier choices are easier to make in their respective settings.   Ursula from South West TAFE, John from Western District Health Service, Lynne and Emily from Southern Stay Disability Services Inc and Fiona Hermon from Penshurst Primary School - Vic all shared their stories of change on the community panel.   There was lots of positive networking and buzz fuelled by delicious healthy catering from Cafe Gray, Tosca Browns and Jack + Jude.   We hope all who came along left feeling inspired to drive further change and promote healthy choices! As always, if you have an idea for change, need some support with healthy choices or have a story you'd like to share please do get in touch at We're already looking forward to the next celebration event!                  

There's a new Healthy Recipe Share box in operation at HILAC Occasional Childcare! Following healthy eating activities at the childcare to acknowledge National Diabetes Week in June, parents were supplied with a copy of all the recipes cooked for and with the children throughout the week, and loved it! This sparked the idea of housing a permanent recipe share box, where educators and parents alike can share their favourite healthy recipes and access those of others at any time.  The recipe box is divided into three categories, showcasing healthy recipes for lunchboxes, toddlers and the whole family. Whilst it's early days for the box, it's getting plenty of use so far and filling with a variety of healthy recipes quickly!                                              What is your childcare, school, community group, club or workplace doing to promote healthy choices? Let us know about it! Email or call Ebony at or 5551 8475.