A fun food and garden experience at Penshurst Primary School



Emma from GenR8 Change joined forces with local Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation Healthy Kids Advisor, Jason Thomas for an engaging and enjoyable food and garden experience. They caught up with students and staff from Penshurst Primary School.

The visit started with a tour of the school gardens and animal spaces. A highlight for students proudly demonstrating their role assisting with daily feeding and care of two hungry calves and three much- loved chickens.

Keen to get their hands dirty, students enjoyed potting up some herb and lettuce varieties with Jason. There was plenty of gardening knowledge being shared among the children and they enjoyed learning more about planting, composting and worm farming from Jason.

Emma had a fun and tasty food session with the students mastering the art of making rice paper rolls! It was wonderful to watch the entire group try and enjoy different fresh foods. There was no hesitation, only excitement and plenty of vegetable devouring!

Practical and hands on, the students were excited to be involved and enjoyed sharing cooking experiences they’ve had at home. The discussion shifted to various ways we can incorporate more healthy foods into lunchboxes and meals at home, and the endless ways we can enjoy fresh and healthy foods.    

The afternoon was a fun and interactive way to reinforce that healthy can be simple, achievable and sustainable.

Well done Penshurst Primary School - you're arming your students with powerful knowledge for a healthy future.