BBQ’s are now healthy and exciting at the Hamilton District Skills Centre!

The student  BBQ has always been part of the Hamilton District Skills Centre (HDSC) end of semester celebrations and many other events as a great way for the students to celebrate, raise funds and in turn develop cooking and organisational skills. For a long time, like many other local BBQ’s, the HDSC cook up was characterised by hundreds of sausages whacked in some white bread and smothered in tomato sauce.

Following their involvement in GenR8 Change, HDSC has now made a pledge to replace bangers with chicken skewers and/or burgers at all their BBQ’s! Burgers are homemade at the HDSC using a lean beef mince, whilst chicken skewers are bought.  Not only has the menu’s main feature, the meat, had a revamp, but wholemeal or multigrain bread is now used instead of the white variety, and soft drink has been replaced with bottled water!


The HDSC has also introduced through catering the promotion of self-serve water at events.  Last month, the HDSC catered for the Heritage Rally Dinner for 330 people (great effort!). The HDSC team along with the event committee organised large 60litre containers with taps to be filled with local water . They then froze sliced lemon , lime and orange into ice-cream containers which formed large ice blocks. These were added to the water prior to the event. There were lots of really positive comments from attendees. So simple! 

Has your organisation or community group changed the way you BBQ or cater for the better? Let us know about it! Email Ebony at [email protected], or leave a message on our Facebook page!