Coleraine Community Sharing Basket Thrives

Coleraine welcomed a community produce sharing basket last week!

The sharing basket lives at new Coleraine cafe' the Catching Pen, and is a base for community members to drop their excess produce from any overflowing vegetable gardens to ensure it doesn't go to waste. The basket is accessible to anyone, and if you don't have produce to leave, you can still take as you please for a small donation that goes directly to the Coleraine Primary School Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. 

The philosophy is 'Give what you can and take what you need'.




Community member Beccy Wishart says the Coleraine community have really embraced the idea so far, "We picked up the concept from Dunkeld who have their own produce cart. Ours has been popular with the community so far, there's been plenty of support and we feel it's off to a flying start". 

It's amazing what type of ripple effects small actions can have! The Coleraine crew picked up this idea from a similar initiative happening in Dunkeld, who were inspired by a community produce hub in Robe SA. 


Do you know of any other produce swaps happening across the Southern Grampians? Or maybe you'd like some more information or tips to start your own? Contact Ebony at [email protected] or on 5551 8475.