Food swapping enhances the pantries of Western District Health Service staff and volunteers

The internal Wellbeing and Environmental Sustainability Working Group at Western District Health Service have recently trialled a WDHS Food Swap.


In late December, the first (hopefully of many!) food swap was held for staff and volunteers. The WDHS community was encouraged to meet to share homemade, home grown and foraged goods with each other.

Food Swaps are a super way to broaden your pantry and diet, get rid of surplus foods you may have grown or made yourself (bulk zucchinis ring a bell?), be mindful of food miles, pick up tips around growing your own and connect with others.

The first swap at WDHS during the week before Christmas was a success. The group plan to make the Swaps monthly events this year. Organiser Jacinta Wareham said she was thrilled with the range of contributions people brought along, which included vegetables, herbs, fruit, floral arrangements, eggs, egg cartons, seeds and recipes. “And I loved the conversations that flowed around the room – ‘what plant is that? What do you do with it? .What can I cook with this?’ It was really great to see the inventiveness of people who didn’t necessarily have a productive vegetable garden, but found other ways that they could contribute. Our motto is ‘take what you need, give what you can’. And don’t forget to bring a bag!”


Could your workplace, school or sporting club benefit from hosting a food swap? You might be surprised at what hidden talents lay within your community! To learn more about how Western District Health Service have started their swaps, get in touch at [email protected]