GenHealth staff stay connected during COVID-19 through healthy competition

GenHealth Hamilton is a local clinic boasting a super team offering a range of allied health services. Whilst for the most of the COVID-19 pandemic the clinic has been able to remain open, there were 6 weeks whilst in stage 3 restrictions where the clinic shut its doors and offered only telehealth consultations.

The usually very cohesive staff cohort shuddered at the thought of not having the opportunity to bond as much so quickly enacted a plan, each staff member was charged with running a weekly event or activity.

Those assigned with week 1 set a challenge for the duration of the ‘lockdown’, a seedling challenge! Each staff member was given a seedling and encouraged to grow and nurture it as best they could within the 6 weeks to emerge the covid seedling competition winner.


The GenHealth team have invited some guest judges to choose a winner, to be announced in the next week! Judges will consider each plants height, width, ‘bushiness’, healthiness (colour) and if any fruit have grown.

We look forward to learning who the winner will be! The team have enjoyed the challenge and for some it has prompted them to begin growing vegetables or different types of seedlings than they have grown in the past. There’s plenty of growing and producing for the seedlings of the competition yet too!

What a great way this is to promote fresh food, learn the in’s and outs of growing and keep a workplace connected through some healthy competition! What has your workplace done to ensure staff stay connected and healthy during COVID-19? We’d love to know about any other workplace challenges out there! Get in touch with Ebony at [email protected] to share your story.