Good Shepherd Primary students strip their lunchboxes of nasties and grow healthy, waste conscious eaters!

Every Wednesday is Nude Food Wednesday at Good Shepherd Junior School.


Students are encouraged to replace packaged and processed lunchbox snacks with healthier alternatives, and ditch the plastic in the process. Whilst this is encouraged every day of the week, on a Wednesday there is a weekly audit, led by the senior students to track progress.

Grade 5 and 6 students start their Wednesdays by visiting every classroom and assisting the younger students to examine their lunchboxes and count as a class the total amount of processed/packaged foods to find out the total number of wrappers brought to school that day. There’s a weekly trophy awarded at assembly to the class whom each week has the lowest average number of wrappers per student.




Deputy Principal Julian Gollasch says, “...It’s all about raising awareness around both healthy eating and waste management. Some of the kids now have zero wrappers in their lunchbox every day. We’ve found some parents have purchased lunchbox containers for the purpose of our Nude Food Wednesdays, and the students are now using them daily. I can see the difference in the classroom when a child consumes less processed snack food”.                                         

As well as class wrapper totals being published in the school newsletter to keep families up to date with progress, there’s also an added incentive for the individual, as each time they present a ‘nude’ lunchbox they’re given a ticket into a raffle drawn at the end of term where there’s some groovy lunchbox containers or a similar kind of prize to give away.

Good Shepherd have found the weekly wrapper count to be a great reminder for both parents and students in endeavouring to build a lunchbox full of healthy, waste wise fuel!

In addition to overhauling their lunchboxes, students are also making ‘wax wraps’ (re-usable alternatives to glad wrap) that they will sell within the school community initially before looking for opportunities to do so in the broader community to raise funds. Stay tuned! Great work Good Shepherd!




Has your school, club, workplace or organisation made a change or implemented a new strategy to make the healthier choice the easier one? Let us know about it! Contact Ebony at [email protected] or 03 5551 8475 to share your story or for any more information around Nude Food or GenR8 Change.