Good Shepherd Community ‘Run Around Australia’

Encouraging physical activity in children right now is hard. Demands of remote learning, the halt of any formal sport and recreation activities and even the weather are all commonly heard barriers to keeping kids active. At Good Shepherd Primary, they’re leaning on a shared goal and teamwork to say motivated, by ‘running around Australia’!

The Run Around Australia challenge started during remote learning 1.0 with the aim to keep kids moving. The school asks each child to record how far they run or walk each week. Each week the school updates the map and reports back to the school community through the newsletter. There is also a map updated weekly at school as some students are still in attendance. A little snippet of information is also shared weekly about whatever town the cohort have reached that week.

Up to the start of September, Good Shepherd have ran/walked 4279km! They are currently at Meadow in Western Australia. Whilst this is a super achievement to date, the school still have around 11500kms remaining to return to Hamilton.

Could you help the students achieve their goal? Good Shepherd are welcoming any local runners or walkers to contribute some of their weekly km’s to help the kids move along their journey. Call or email through your weekly tally each Friday to Caryn at the Good Shepherd Junior Campus via phone: 5571 2236 or email [email protected]

Good Shepherd teacher Ali Wedding says although it’s a big ask to make it around the whole of Australia by the end of the school year, the kids are enjoying keeping track and learning about different Australian towns along the way, “Hopefully the information about each of the places we end up helps families to realise what an amazing country we have and inspire them to travel once we're allowed”, she says.