Growing and cooking sustainably and passionately at St Josephs Primary School Coleraine

St Josephs Primary School Coleraine is leading the way in creating resource smart, food smart kids!


Upon a visit to the school this week, we were blown away by the tremendous effort put in by students, teachers and volunteers alike to the schools kitchen garden, and community orchard.


Kitchen garden classes are just one component of the Sustainability curriculum at St Josephs Coleraine. Whilst the garden started small, it has now grown to include a greenhouse, chicken coop, community orchard, herb garden and a very impressive set of vegetable beds. 

St Josephs are an excellent example of a school making the most out of their existing resources to deliver a kitchen garden program. There is no dedicated cooking area as such, however the students still harvest and prepare their seasonal produce into delicious meals approximately 4 times a term utilising a shared hall space. 

Garden beds are weeded and watered by the children regularly and looked after throughout the school holidays by families on a rotating roster. 

It's not hard to see just how passionate the students are about their garden! Their enthusiasm, paired with excellent guidance from their Sustainability teacher and time invested through volunteers is really what makes this program successful. So successful in fact that the recipes they've produced have made them two time winners of Wannon Waters 'Water it, Grow it, Cook it' competition!


Keep up the good work St Josephs Coleraine! 

Does your school run a kitchen garden program, or something similar? If so we'd love to hear about it! 

With an additional four schools within the Southern Grampians about to get started with their own Kitchen Garden programs, we want to see, hear and help facilitate as much knowledge sharing as possible to ensure all our local schools learn from one another in this space. If you have any kitchen gardening stories or tips you'd like to share please forward them through to Ebony at [email protected] or phone 5551 8475 for a chat!