Local gymnasts challenge each other at home during lockdown

It's been great to see so many local sporting clubs and groups get creative and implement different ways to stay connected and active during COVID-19 times. 

Whilst thankfully (touch wood!) we're out the other end now and seeing most sports recommence, there is lots to learn from activities run during COVID-19. What virtual activity options have you enjoyed during this time? 

The Hamilton Gymnastics Club set their members a weekly challenge throughout August and September to keep them in touch with the club and their gymnastics practice. Each week, the challenge was posted on the Club Facebook page and members were encouraged to complete it and share photo evidence. Challenges weren't always around gymnastics, some included baking and making a mask. Others were take a photo of yourself in your favourite gymnastics 'shape' and draw yourself on your favourite gymnastics apparatus. 

There was great uptake of all challenges set, maybe thanks to some prizes that were on offer including markers and pencils!


Congratulations to the club for keeping their members engaged. We're rapt to hear you're 'back on the beam' now!


How did you club or group stay connected during COVID? Let us know about it! [email protected]