Hamilton Koori Play group cook up a storm!

Last week, the Winda-Mara Hamilton Koori play group did a healthy cooking session!

A favourite was on the menu - pizza. The team used a simple two ingredient healthy recipe for the base of self raising flour and greek yoghurt and topped the pizzas with a variety of fresh ingredients.

Koori Maternity Services Health Worker Maddy Kinghorn says the idea was to learn ways to make our favourite foods healthier, 'we showed the mums how to incorporate extra veggies into a food that is more commonly a treat'. The pizzas were a big hit!




Congratulations team.The Hamilton Koori playgroup runs on a Friday from 10am-12pm and welcome new members with open arms.Registrations can be made by contacting Macahlia at Windamara on 55270000.


What is your school, community group, sporting club or workplace doing to promote healthy choices? Let us know about it! Contact Ebony at [email protected] to share your story or access support for implementing healthy change.