Healthy choices growing at the Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre

There are a growing range of healthy options to choose from at the Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre (HILAC) Cafe! 


In an exciting time for HILAC users and the broader community alike, staff have been busy trialing healthier options and assessing them using the Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service's Food Checker tool to give each option a Red, Amber or Green rating in line with the Healthy Choices Guidelines. 

The Healthy Choices Guidelines for sport and recreation centres recommend the food and drinks available at facilities are at least  50% GREEN, and no more than 20% RED.  Red foods should be limited as they provide little nutritional value and generally large amounts of sugar, salt and/or fat. Amber foods need to be consumed carefully, as although they have nutritional value, still have notable amounts of sugar, salt and/or fat. Green options are the best! (




Just some of the changes implemented to date at HILAC include; 

  • Removal of ALL red drinks from sale! 
  • Reduction in variety of amber drinks (currently only low-joule sports drinks and coke zero varieties)
  • Reduction in the variety of fried foods available – Dim sims and dino nuggets have been removed
  • Introduction of a range of alternative food options, including ;sweet potato chips, focaccias, soup, fruit and vegetable muffins, mini pizzas, smoothies and fruit salads. 
  • Reduction of confectionary range and size of mixed lolly bags
  • Reduction in milkshake size (some great feedback from parents here, kids weren't drinking a whole milkshake anyway!)
  • Changes in the brands of some products sold to offer more nutritional value, for example yoghurt


As well as making all the great changes listed above, HILAC have also extended opening hours of the Cafe, so there are options available on basketball nights, even for those late game-ers! HILAC's Jackie Wilson recognises the role the facility has to play in promoting healthy lifestyles, 'It's important that we are not just selling junk, as we are a health and fitness centre'. Jackie see's one of the next steps being to hang signage around the centre to educate consumers around what are the healthiest choices, and what the red, amber and green status of foods mean. 


Have you been to HILAC to try any of the new options yet? Regardless if your a HILAC user or not, the cafe is a friendly space open to all members of the public, so pop in and give it a try!


Congratulations to the leadership and staff cohorts at HILAC for making some significant change so that the healthier choice is now much easier!


Is your facility or sporting club looking to make healthy change whilst ensuring profits remain stable? GenR8 Change can support you in the journey, get in touch with Ebony on 5551 8475 or at [email protected]