Healthy Holiday fun at Hamilton Community House

Last week, Hamilton Community House held the first of two September school holiday activities, 'Make, bake, taste and take!'.


Deb King at the house has been running school holiday programs for years now, but this session was different in all the right ways. Previously the house has ran cooking skills sessions creating sweet treats and bakes, but there were no slices or biscuits in sight this time around! 

Looking for an opportunity to integrate more of a health and well being lens into the program, Deb opted to run this holidays session with a lunchbox/savories theme. 'The session really allows kids to learn about different skills and build up their confidence in different cooking techniques' Deb says, 'Everything made today will go home with a recipe, and we hope families will replicate the foods again at home'. 


The children pieced together mini pizza's, bacon and vegetable quiches and savory pin wheels with vegetable fillings. 




In addition to recipe resources, each participating child also received a Nutrition Australia 'Pick and Mix' lunchbox information sheet to place on their fridge at home, providing families lots of healthy lunchbox ideas that fit into each of the 6 food groups. The children worked through and discussed the foods on this sheet during their afternoon tea break at the Community House, whilst snacking on a fruit platter!             




Congratulations to Deb and her team of volunteers at the Hamilton Community House on a very successful healthy cooking session!

To stay in the loop with all the happenings of the house, or to get information about future holiday programs, please visit or contact Deb on 5571 9780.