Healthy eating and education for both children and parents at Sally's day care

Sally Gray, Family Day Care Educator, has always ensured she provides a healthy care environment for her children, but lately she's really stepped up her game, and encourages fellow educators to follow in her footsteps!



Sally shares with the GenR8 Change community some of the strategies she has put in place to create a healthy environment for the children in her care, as well as encourage new healthy habits to be transferred into the children's home environments.


  • There's a new item in monthly activity programming for the children - Healthy eating!
  • A commitment has been made to ensuring the children have access to fresh drinking water at all times
  • Efforts have commenced to educate parents about healthy options for lunchboxes, specifically educating about what is actually in some of the packet foods parents might be buying for their children
  • The children ONLY have fruit or veggies on the menu for morning tea, "We only eat fruit or veggies, each morning. No exceptions. I have my own fruit bowl if the children are hungry and have ran out of food in their lunchboxes. This is working very well as I am finding that they would prefer a piece of my fruit instead of a packaged food item in their lunchbox".
  • A collaboration with local naturopath Hayley Dawson has led to an education session for parents around healthy options and ideas for easy healthy options for a Childs lunchbox




What other strategies might you have observed from within the day care or early education setting to promote healthy choices and environments? Let us know about them!

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