Healthy Options at community venues and events

Western District Health Service 'Green Bean' Cafe now offers only Green category food and drinks, according to the Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service Traffic Light guidelines

Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre (HILAC) have revamped their drinks fridge and have posters promoting water as the number one drink of choices (in collaboration with South West Sport. The café has begun offering healthier choices, smaller portion sizes (potato chips) and have relocated green foods in their display.

Glenthompson Community Association no longer provide sugar-sweetened beverages at their events

Mother Goose Playgroup now provide fruit and vegetables for morning tea

Mainly Music Playgroup now provide fruit and vegetables for morning tea

Healthy Lunch packs, fruit and water are now available at the annual North Hamilton Kindergarten Junior Obstacle Race as oposed to alternatives

Windamara Hamilton and Heywood have introduced an annual 'Biggest Looser' challenge open to both staff and community 

Healthy catering is embedded into Hamilton's Regional Skate Park Carnival

Southern Grampians Shire pools reduced availability of red foods

Hamilton District Skills Centre have introduced a healthy catering policy at their catered community events 

The Hamilton Grange CFA team have made healthy swaps at community events and christmas parties, now offering water, fruit salads and wholemeal bread with thier BBQ's

The 'Woolly West Fest' team crafted a fruit and vegetable display trailer to be displayed at numerous spots around the Southern Grampians every August, coinciding with local Sheepvention event

Hamilton Community House now offers healthier alternative at monthly community lunches and BBQ events. The house also happily provide free tap water to anyone dropping in.

Windamara and Western District Health Service now collaborate to provide healthy literacy activities at community events, like the 2018 Southern Grampians Close the Gap day celebrations

Dunkeld has introduced a community produce cart, housed outside the Old Dunkeld Bakery. Community members are encouraged to take as you need and give as you please