A bright and healthy winter at HILAC!

There are plenty of healthy options to fuel or warm you up at the Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre (HILAC) this winter!


The centre has been trialing a number of new healthy options recently, with lots more now on offer than just hot chips!

HILAC started their journey to a healthier cafe' in 2016 when they gradually removed 'red' category drinks from sale, including; soft drinks, large flavoured milks, fruit drinks and sports drinks. Because contrary to popular belief, there is very rarely need for a sugary drink to fuel activity! 

In the beverage department, there's now a number of amber and green options available. Water is clearly the BEST option, but there are also a range of small milks, juices and coconut waters to choose from. In the warmer months, HILAC will also offer real fruit smoothies!


Any parent, friend, umpire, scorer or coach of a child playing basketball knows how chilly HILAC can be on a winters evening. Now, instead of only hot chips available to warm the belly, there are foccacias and vegetable soup for sale on game nights!


Other healthy menu additions include real fruit muffins and fruit salads, perfect for a post workout snack or to fuel the kids post swimming lesson or basketball training. 


Congratulations to HILAC staff and management for leading by example and making such awesome change!


Has your organisation, school, workplace or club made changes or additions to their menu or catering to make the healthier choice the easier choice? We'd love to know about it! Should you have a story to share, or be keen to hear more about the changes at HILAC, please contact Ebony at [email protected] or on 5551 8475 :)