Prompted by local childhood obesity data collected in 2015, the partnership between Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Partnership, Deakin University, Southern Grampians Shire Council and Western District Health Service continued to evolve as a community led intervention was built according to best available evidence.

Taking some key learnings from SEA Change Portland and the evidence available, GenR8 Change - Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice - was developed under the following guiding principles;


  • Children centered: Evidence indicated the only successful community led interventions have been those centered on addressing obesity in children.
  • Multi-strategy, multi-level approach:  One single program and idea is not going to create sustainable change. We need multiple people and organisations making changes within different environments to embed sustainable change.
  • Whole of System thinking: GenR8 Change involves the whole community, and considers all factors influencing our food and physical activity choices. It isn't about trying to change individual behaviours; it's about creating an environment that supports healthy choices to be easy choices.   
  • Not a project and not funded: GenR8 Change does not have an end point. This isn't a project so it is not funded, and it won't just stop. It’s all about utilising existing community and agency capacity under a collective impact framework to create and embed sustainable change. 




Fantastic changes have been implemented within the Southern Grampians Community since October 2015 -  you can read about these here.