Increasing Breastfeeding

The number of ABA ‘breastfeeding friendly’ approved cafés and organisations/venues in Hamilton has increased following the work of the GenR8 Change breastfeeding group

GenR8 Change breastfeeding working group held a community breastfeeding forum, investigating barriers and enablers to breastfeeding amoungst an audience of 40 local community members


Increase in number/availability of local ABA councillors. This has allowed for an increased presence of ABA at first time parents groups and new mums groups auspiced by WDHS


Successful advocacy (by the GenR8 Change working group and Hamilton Community House) for funding of a breast pump to be managed and promoted by the Hamilton ABA group

GenR8 Change breastfeeding working group are currently advocating for a space in Hamilton CBD for breastfeeding and family care.