Kitchen Gardening grows in the Southern Grampians

Thanks to a community grant received from Southern Grampians Shire Council, GenR8 Change has been able to work with 4 local primary schools and involve them in Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation 's Pleasurable Food Education Package.

The program has been proven to deliver positive behavior change, social benefits, an increased willingness to try new foods and an evident transfer of these benefits to the home environment.

Yesterday, a training day was held for schools across the region whom are beginning to action this program. School representatives learnt more about how to get a school garden started, facilitate kitchen garden classes and integrate these with existing curriculum requirements.

A number of local schools are already successfully utilising a kitchen garden model. We can't wait to see the number of schools taking this approach 'grow' and look forward to sharing their journeys with you!

Does your school kitchen garden? Let us know about it! Head to the Tell Us What You're Doing! page on our website, or alternatively email or call Ebony at [email protected] or 5551 8475.