Students get right into kitchen gardening at Coleraine Primary!

Another Southern Grampians Primary School has began implementing the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation program this year, well done Coleraine Primary School!

The Coleraine crew began their kitchen garden journey in term 1 2018, and are thrilled with the level of student engagement already! Students are thoroughly enjoying learning through discovery, and the pleasurable food experience.
So far students have planted and nurtured the growth of peas, beans, zucchini, cauliflower, basil, coriander and more.
In the kitchen some of the masterpieces created during the first 2 terms include; soup, carrot bread, poached rhubarb, zucchini slice, banana muffins and potato fritters.
In addition to cooking and gardening, each group has also been using the garden to test other areas of the curriculum, such as utilising their maths skills to decipher costings for a new garden tool wish list!
Super work Coleraine Primary School students and school community! We look forward to watching your garden and culinary skills grow even more!
Is your school utilising a kitchen gardening program? Please your share stories and learnings with us! We're 'growing' quite the kitchen garden community here in Southern Grampians! Contact Ebony at [email protected] or 5551 8475 if you have a kitchen-gardening story to share, or are after any information around how you can get involved!