Making the healthier choice the easier choice is having an impact!

Since GenR8 Change first came to fruition back in 2015 (yes, it's been that long!) our Southern Grampians community has worked hard in lots of settings, making changes big and small to shape an environment where the healthier choice is the easier one. 


And guess what - your actions ARE making an impact! 


Local weights, measures and behavioural data of children in grades 2, 4 and 6 was for a second time collated by Deakin University and local data collectors during term 2 of 2017. A great participation rate from our local schools enables us to draw upon this newly analysed credible data, as well as data collected back in 2015, and present you with some good news - rates of childhood overweight and obesity in the Southern Grampians are moving in a positive direction! 


The info-graphic below shares some of the key data findings in regards to the range of health behaviours measured and the big one, Body Mass Index


For those that like delving deeper into the facts and findings, never fear, Deakin University are working on producing publications that will include all the specific methods, facts and figures. But for now we're excited to be able to share this information with you!

Whilst sharing of the new local childhood health data certainly does call for celebration, we all acknowldege there's a long way to go yet. Rates of childhood overweight and obesity across the Southern Grampians are still not acceptable



Are you part of GenR8 Change? If not, the first step you can take to show your support is joining the GenR8 Change community at 


Movement in a positive direction is great, but we can achieve so much more together! The approach is working, get on board!