New healthy beverage choices at HILAC!

Following some great change made by the Hamilton Indoor Lesuire and Aquatic Centre (HILAC) over the past 12 months, especially their move to remove all 'RED' category drinks, there is now more to celebrate!


HILAC now offer fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies, all made in-house! And for something a little less heavy but just as refreshing, coconut water!


In 2017 HILAC finished adapting their drink fridges so that no 'RED' category drinks were on offer. 'RED' food and beverages as classified by the Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service are those that should be limited and can contribute to weight gain and chronic disease if consumed in large quantities. It's a fantastic move to now have the drinks fridges stocked with ONLY GREEN and AMBER beverage options - who needs a soft drink post workout anyway?!


The addition of more GREEN and AMBER beverages to the HILAC menu is super exciting - we're spoilt for healthy drink choice!


Have you tried one yet?