Physical Activity in Education Settings

All 16 primary schools of the Southern Grampians participated in Walk to School in 2017, with a number of schools maintaining their newly found love for active transport through implementing school drop and walk points! 15 Schools returned to participate in 2018. From Walk to School month, Penshurst Primary School committed to a running a walking school bus during terms 4 & 1 and George St Primary school have developed a morning 'walk before the bell' culture


GenR8 Change workshops have been facilitated in a number of Southern Grampians Schools, assisting school communities to identify barriers to healthy eating and physical activity in their own school environments and generate appropriate solutions to combat them 


Dunkeld Consolidated School have began facilitating a parent led Bike Bus (weekly)


Hamilton North Primary School have installed permanent signage at a Drop Off Point away from school, to encourage families to drop children away from school and walk the remainder of the way together 


Runners clubs are now operating at Hamilton North Primary School, Gray St Primary School and Hamilton and Alexandra College Junior School