Social Network Analysis - What is it and how can it help GenR8 Change?

One key evaluation component of GenR8 Change is social network analysis (SNA).

SNA reveals how change spreads within and beyond communities. SNA of our local GenR8 Change community will help us determine if the right mix of people are involved and connected to achieve our overall goal of sustained healthy systems change.


GLOBE @ Deakin University are currently seeking some information from key GenR8 Change community members that will feed into the analysis and build our local knowledge.


Whether you have been contacted previously to complete a SNA survey, OR the whole concept of Social Network Analysis in general interests you, you're invited to come along to an informal lunchtime session with Jaimie McGlashan from GLOBE as she shares with us; what SNA is used for, how it can benefit us locally and what future developments could look like.

Anyone interested and keen to learn more is welcome! Be sure to RSVP if you do plan to attend for catering purposes.