Southern Stay Disability Services embed opportunity for healthy discussion

It’s not always about doing more or coming up with new ideas to promote healthy choices, sometimes the power is in sharing the great strategies we’re already implementing!

Southern Stay Disability Services have been working to make several changes to make the healthier choice the easier choice within their respite and residential environments. With the organisation operating across a number of different locations, and each location boasting several staff that are working varied shifts, there is not always a chance to touch base as a team, let alone to talk healthy eating! To overcome this, the Southern Stay Hamilton leadership team have started a trend and introduced a permanent agenda item to their regular meetings ‘Healthy Wins’. This allocated time allows house supervisors the opportunity to share their strategies and learnings in promoting healthy choices with participants.




Following the leadership teams lead, the respite crew and a number of residential teams have also adopted the re-occurring agenda item into their staff meetings, allowing for lots more sharing and reflecting in this area!

On top of the great actions Southern Stay are introducing with their participants to make the healthier choice the easier one, we think this simple action of allocating time to reflect and plan around health promotion is in itself worth celebrating!

Could your organisation also benefit from putting time aside regularly time to touch base on all things health and wellbeing?