Summer swimming success: SGSC outdoor pools change for the better

Did you see the changes at the outdoor pools over summer?

We were very excited to hear about the small but significant changes made in the kiosk at the Southern Grampians Shire Council outdoor pools.

Previously an array of sugar-sweetened beverages have been available for purchase; this summer saw the drinks fridge change, in line with HILAC, to only have the availability of plenty of water, 200ml bottles of Diet Coke and Coke Zero, and Powerade Zero.

A reduction in the abundance of confectionery was also implemented. In previous years, we were spoiled for choice when it came to confectionery – sherbet bombs, milkos, red skins, zappos, chocolate frogs, chocolate bars, raspberry twists and mixed lollies. Over the summer, choice was narrowed down to simply chupa chups, raspberry twists and small bags of mixed lollies! This is fantastic to see! In addition, only a small selection of small packets of chips and popcorn, and the icecream freezer was available.

Part of creating a healthier environment includes limiting the range of RED choices available, as well as offering small portions sizes. The changes certainly are a positive step in the right direction!


Has your facility made some similar changes recently? Has this got you thinking about what you can do to make the healthy choice the easy choice? We’d really love to know about it - please email your story to [email protected]