Start the 2018 school year on the right foot!

With Day 1 of the 2018 school year just around the corner we hope to again see a huge number of students actively commuting to and from school!


During Walk to School month in October last year, a number of local schools created a drop off point away from school where parents would drop their children to walk the remainder of the journey in a group. A great idea for those families residing that bit too far from school, or those with saftey concerns.
Whether it be utilised on a weekly or daily basis, formally or informally, many schools are continuing to use these points which is super! Drop off points don't always need formal school or parent supervision, with older children displaying supervising younger children on the walk to create a safe and sustainable walking culture.
Will your child/ren walk to school in 2018? We hope to see all parents and schools making the most of these warmer months and encouraging active transport!

Thanks Branxholme Wallacedale Community School and Branxholme Kinder for sharing your photo of your students ready to walk to school as one.