Water is the drink of choice for Hamilton Basketball Association!

In partnership with VicHealth, South West Sport and GenR8 Change, Hamilton Basketball Association has recently become a Water Only Zone, both on and off the court.


The association developed a policy applying to all members, administrators, officials, coaches, players, and volunteers of the club promoting healthy hydration and encouraging water consumption.

Hamilton Basketball Association President, Sharon Donahue says the Basketball Association was a great place to start a move towards water only zones, ‘The reason why we decided to do this is that we have really young kids up to older adults playing basketball, so it’s a great opportunity to get the message out to families’.  The move also supports previous work done at the Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Centre to increase water consumption, such as removal of several sugary drinks from sale.


Implementation of the HBA’s Water Only Zone was accompanied by promotion of VicHealth’s H30 Challenge, encouraging players, their families and the wider community to swap sugary drinks for water for 30 days. ‘We had over 240 people from across the Southern Grampians sign up to the challenge, which indicates a fantastic level of support for clubs and community groups to implement these kinds of changes’, Donahue says. ‘We really hope all our members and families support our Water Only Zone, and other local sporting clubs get on board and create their own Water Only environments’.

Water Only Zone banners and drink bottles have been adopted by the Hamilton Basketball Association and are now on display to share the message.