WDHS helps it's community re-think that sugary drink!

Western District Health Service is taking a stand and discontinuing the sale of sugary drinks to make the healthier choice the easier choice

wdhs.jpgThere will no longer be any sugary drinks or soft drinks sold in cafeterias or vending machines across all WDHS campuses.

As the first hospital in Victoria to implement this policy, WDHS is acting as a national leader in addressing our growing obesity problem.

With more than two thirds of the Australian population overweight or obese it is necessary for organisations to implement these compelling policies. WDHS Chief Executive Officer Rohan Fitzgerald explains, “As a health promoting organisation, we felt it is very important that we take the next step so that we could support people in terms of understanding some of the implications of their decision making.”

WDHS is a valued contributor to the GenR8 Change movement, and by making this change they provide an excellent example as to how the healthy choice can be made the easy choice. 

The GenR8 Change movement is all about collaborating as a community to create sustainable change throughout the Southern Grampians. It involves generating solutions to the obesity problem that we can ALL be accountable for! 

For further details, you can read the full story that appeared in the Hamilton Spectator on November 28: WDHS helping people rethink sugary drinks

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