Western District Health Service & Winda-Mara Cooking Classes - Helping to Close The Gap

A strong partnership between Western District Health Service dietetics department and Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation has enabled a new and exciting series of Teen cooking classes!


The new 'Healthy Cooking classes for Teens' is a four week program run for an hour after school where a savoury and sweet item is cooked, and a nutrition related topic is discussed in a casual manner, this included healthy eating, healthy snacks/drinks and meal planning.

The final class of the program includes some different activities, including; an unusual foods taste test, and presentation of a cook book (Winda-Mara Deadly Cookbook for Teens) to participants so they can continue developing their skills at home!  

The teens whom have participated in the program so far have enjoyed their learning journey and the social benefits of cooking as a team. Dietitian Noel Kelly says, 'The kids seem to really enjoy it, particularly the eating at the end! The same cohort attended for most of the weeks'. 




Some of the healthy recipes cooked in class and included in the cookbook include; Healthy Pizzas, French Onion Dip with Veg Sticks, Roo Burgers, Jacket Potatoes, Chickpea, Pumpkin and Pomegranate Salad, Muesli Bars, Fruit Smoothies and Banana Pancakes. 

The WDHS Dietetics team has also attended other groups such the Women’s Well-being Group and the Strong Spirit Program and discussed healthy eating and made other healthy foods, such as; fruit and vegetable smoothies and wraps. 

In future, both Winda-Mara and WDHS plan to continue the classes with differing cohorts of Teens and are looking to include more  discussion, tasting and education around traditional foods. 

To find out more about the Healthy Cooking classes for Teens program, or other health and well-being opportunities at Winda-Mara, please contact; 


Jessica Lovett-Murray

Healthy Lifestyle Promotions Officer

Email: [email protected]

Ph: 03 5527 0000